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The ACORD P&C XML 2.x standard contains business messages that support business functions relevant to all lines of business, varied geographies, business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and internal systems. The message inventory is developed on a common set of design rules.

The business message functions vary as needed, as either unique or common. For example, one business message may be specific to one portion of the industry (i.e., obtain a homeowners policy quote OR issue commercial auto policy) or have general relevance (i.e., send activity notes OR claims download). The resulting business messages provide for consistency regardless of process, product, or geography. Each message is designed at a level of granularity that is appropriate for the business function it supports to alleviate inconsistent interpretation. The technical architecture is vendor neutral and supports cross-industry standards such as HTTP, SOAP, and XML.

The ACORD P&C XML Service Wrappers are largely based on the Interactive Financial Exchange (IFX) Business Message Specification v 1.0.1. Some business message structure, data types, and documentation conventions were borrowed from the IFX Specification. ACORD acknowledges the copyrights claimed by IFX Forum.

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