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3.1.2 Insurance Base Types

Insurance Base Types define various reusable structures related to insurance. PCBASICDRIVER

PCBASICDRIVER contains the basic information about a driver. PCBASICVEH

PCBASICVEH contains the basic vehicle information needed for all lines of business that handle vehicles. PCBASICWATERCRAFT

PCBASICWATERCRAFT contains the basic information about a boat, motor, trailer or piece of boat equipment. PCCOVERAGE

PCCOVERAGE contains information related to a coverage, used by all broad lines of business. Commercial Lines has a coverage supplement aggregate holding additional information, but there is no additional information needed for Personal Lines.

Coverages may be attached at several levels in XML messages, for example at the line of business, at a risk (vehicle or property location), or with a person (such as a driver). An instance of a PCCOVERAGE may contain multiple Limits, Deductibles and Options. However, the insurer may constrain the number of any of these items.

A matrix listing the requirements for many of the common coverages and their associated limits, deductibles, options, etc. is available for limited lines of business (refer to the Coverage Matrix Implementation Guide). Need to point to the actual coverage matrix deliverable. PCCREDITSURCHARGE

PCCREDITSURCHARGE describes a credit/discount/surcharge/modification associated with the policy/contract at any applicable level (e.g. deductible, coverage, policy). PCDEDUCTIBLE

PCDEDUCTIBLE contains the amount and type of deductible that will be applied to the coverage. Additionally, PCDEDUCTIBLE can indicate the type of deductible, and to what the deductible applies. PCLIMIT

PCLIMIT is used to describe the coverage limit amount and how it is applied, for the extent of the coverage. PCLINEBUSINESS

PCLINEOFBUSINESS identifies the common data across all Lines of Business aggregates. Specific Line of Business aggregates may use and expand this entity. PCPOLICY

PCPOLICY encapsulates all policy-related aggregates. PCPOLICY forms the base structure for the Personal LInes <PersPolicy> and Commercial Lines <CommlPolicy> aggregates. PCVEH

PCVEH structures all vehicle-related information. PCVEH is used in both Personal and Commercial Lines.

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