3.5 Decimal

3.5.1 Decimal

Decimal indicates a numeric value that meets the following rules:
The value is up to fifteen (15) digits in length, excluding any punctuation (e.g., sign, decimal).
The following example which consists of 17 characters would be acceptable as there are no more than 15 digits, +1234567890.12345, while 12345678901234567 is not acceptable because the total count of digits exceeds fifteen.

The value is not restricted to integer values and has a decimal point that may be placed anywhere (or omitted) from the left of the leftmost digit to the right of the rightmost digit.
The sign is always optional. If it is absent, the value is assumed to be positive.
Absence of a decimal point implies one to the right of the rightmost digit (i.e., an integer). Example: 12345 implies 12345.

Non-punctuation characters shall be limited to those in the range of hex 30 to hex 39, i.e., '0' through '9'.

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