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1MHG Message Header Group

The Transaction Header Group is a Control Group (as described in ACORD Standard No. 900). It is always the first element group of any transaction.

The Transaction Header Group contains data elements which permit the receiver of the transaction to route the transaction to the proper internal system(s), to understand the nature of the transaction to the degree necessary to process it through those systems and to respond in an appropriate manner to the sender of the transaction.

Data Elements

  1. MSADD: Message Address (Origination)
  2. MSADD: Message Address (Destination)
  3. CNTNO: Contract Number
  4. PSSWD: Password (User)
  5. SYSCD: System Type Code
  6. CSRLV: Interface Software Revision Level
  7. MSQNO: Message Sequence Number
  8. ZZMOV
  9. CNTUN: Count Unit Code
  10. SPCHD: Special Handling
  11. VERNO: Message Standard Revision Level
  12. ZZDEL
  13. ZZDEL
  14. ZZDEL
  15. NRFNO: Network Reference Number
  16. NRFFU: Network Reserved for Future Use
  17. MTDTM: Message Transmission Date/Time example: 201011161521312


		<_1MHG01><!--MSADD: Message Address (Origination)-->ORIGINATION</_1MHG01>
		<_1MHG02><!--MSADD: Message Address (Destination)-->DESTINATION</_1MHG02>
		<_1MHG03><!--CNTNO: Contract Number-->12345</_1MHG03>
		<_1MHG04><!--PSSWD: Password (User)--></_1MHG04>
		<_1MHG05><!--SYSCD: System Type Code-->XXXXXX</_1MHG05>
		<_1MHG06><!--CSRLV: Interface Software Revision Level--></_1MHG06>
		<_1MHG07><!--MSQNO: Message Sequence Number-->254</_1MHG07>
		<_1MHG09><!--CNTUN: Count Unit Code-->1<!--Value is in element groups.--></_1MHG09>
		<_1MHG10><!--SPCHD: Special Handling--></_1MHG10>
		<_1MHG11><!--VERNO: Message Standard Revision Level-->90</_1MHG11>
		<_1MHG15><!--NRFNO: Network Reference Number--></_1MHG15>
		<_1MHG16><!--NRFFU: Network Reserved for Future Use--></_1MHG16>
		<_1MHG17><!--MTDTM: Message Transmission Date/Time-->201011161521312</_1MHG17>

Sample AL3

1MHG196 7 ORGINATION        DESTINATION       0320                  XXXXXX    00025410111615213121          900                                                  201011161521312


			<Org>AMS Services</Org>

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