Follow-up to our discussion on combining multiple business capabilities and/or messages in a single ACORD transaction

Topics: ACORD XML 1.x, ACORD XML 2.x, ACORD XML Questions
May 18, 2016 at 9:08 PM
In Transaction Spec WG last week we broached the subject of things to talk about next. I wanted to add some detail around the question of how to combined multiple ACORD messages into a single message. We have a few options.

Currently, ACORD allows summary Claim data in an InsuranceSvc message. What if we need to include more than summary? Same for Billing information.
  1. We add elements to the InsuranceSvc message - this creates a large message that crosses multiple business capabilities. Plus it moves away from smaller, leaner messages.
  2. We combine multiple messages under a single ACORD envelope. Something like:
ClaimDownloadNotify (so detail on 2 claims on this policy)

Redundant data would be an issue here as Policy could be in all 3 messages.

Not sure what everyone's thoughts on this would be?