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AL3 Transformation Tools

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May 18, 2016 at 2:11 AM
As I have started the AL3 to XML 2.0 Master Message I have needed to rely on a few tools to get the job done. I thought I would start this thread to have every share what tools they use to transform EDI to XML. You know we all are doing it.

Stylus Studio
This is a great XML editor much like Oxigen and XML Spy. This tool has a great price point plus it has a great EDI to SEF XML tool built in. And it even has a AL3 parser. Even though the AL3 parser isn't current it's pretty good and I am in talks with them to figure out how to upgrade the parser to the new versions.

Pilot Fish ACORD eiConsole
This tool is free to all ACORD members and it has a great way to get AL3 into XML then you can map it with XSLT and built in JAVA converters. Not as streamlined as stylus studio but has the flexibility to use current ACORD AL3 definitions.

What tools do you use?