3.1.1 Utility Base Types

Utility Base Types define different conventional measurements and other element formats. BINARY

The BINARY base type is used for binary data in XML message service wrappers. CURRENCY

CURRENCY is used for all currencies within this business message specification. DURATION

DURATION can represent either a nonspecific or specific time period. It can be as nonspecific as 15 days, or as specific as a start and end date and time. FORMATTEDNUMBER

FORMATTEDNUMBER holds a number and the number's format (e.g. integer, currency, percent, etc.). MEASUREMENT

MEASUREMENT is used to represent both a measurement value and the unit of measurement. For example, the <BasementArea> MEASUREMENT can convey an area as either 250 square feet or 23.2258 square meters. PROXIMITY

PROXIMITY allows for the measurement of a distance from one item to another item.

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