2.22 Submitter

A Producer/Intermediary such as an agent, general agent, broker, web portal, or premium finance company who collects transaction-related information and submits it in the form of an ACORD XML request to an insurer, surety, or other service provider (i.e. Dwelling Valuation System) for processing. When doing so, that party is acting as a "submitter". In most cases, the "submitter" and the "client" are one and the same. However, in the case of the Service Provider Initiated Transactions that are defined in the 8.1.5 Submission Transactions and 8.1.4 Notify Transactions, the submitter will in some cases receive and process an ACORD XML Message sent by a service provider. In this case, the submitter is acting as a "server" and the Service Provider is a "client" — a reversal of their normal roles.

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