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The ACORD XML Business Message Specification for P&C Insurance and Surety Help System (ACORD P&C Help System) was designed to make the navigation and use of the ACORD P&C Specification easier. The ACORD P&C Help System includes the complete specification and is produced from the same source materials as the PDF version of the specification. In addition to the standard content, this help system also provides the following features:

  • Complete lists of all the data level elements, business messages, aggregates, and ACORD defined codelists defined in the specfication. From these pages you can easily navigate to a complete description of the type selected.
  • A quick link to the ACORD document root element on the navigation bar. From this location you can navigate from the highest to the lowest element in the specification.
  • A complete data dictionary listing the elements by name, their data type and primary description.
  • Master lists of the Messages, Aggreates, Entities, Elements, Codelists available from the navigation bar at the top of each page in the help system.
  • The basic specification has been enhanced with:
    • hypertext links between the elements, messages, aggregates and codelists
    • links from the revision history information to the description
    • a complete list of places the object is used
    • A complete data dictionary listing all elements, aggregates, and messages including the data type and description of the item.
    • Additional pages include a description of the data level elements, their content or data type, a list of where the element is referenced and its revision history. For the data level elements, you now have a complete and definitive list of all the attributes that apply. No more guessing if there should be an @id or @codelistref attribute, or if the <RemarkText> element has an @idref attribute or does it belong to the parent aggregate.


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