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3.3 Character Sets

The ACORD Specification defines two data types to represent character data.
The most general data type used for the representation of most character data is called Character. The ACORD Specification places no restrictions on the character sets used to represent elements based on the Character data type. The Character data type is intended to allow data in either single or multi-byte character sets to be passed between client and server and stored on the server to facilitate implementation in the broadest possible number of countries. It is expected, but not required, that multi-byte implementations be based on the UTF representation of Unicode.

The other data type used for representation of character data is called Narrow Character. This data type is used in the ACORD Specification to restrict some elements to single-byte characters so that implementation may be simplified. These elements tend to be related to system functions and should not interfere with the ability of an implementation to support multiple-byte character sets for most character data.

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