5BPI Basic Policy Information Group

The Basic Policy Information Group contains data elements which describe the insurance policy that is the subject of a given transaction. Although an insured can have multiple policies, the ACORD standards structure permits only one policy per transaction (the policy may, however, be a "package" policy). See the Package Information Group (5PIG) for information on how to send "package" policies.

The Basic Policy Information Group will normally be transmitted as part of a new business transaction, a policy change transaction, a renewal, etc. The reason for its potential inclusion in other than a new business transaction is that this group contains the policy number which may be required by the receiver of the transaction in order to properly locate its filed records (either manual or automated) which relate to the policy. The Basic Policy Information Group is the prime group at Processing Level F of the Insurance Policy Transaction Hierarchy also known as F1.

Data Elements

  • 00 HEADR Header
    1. H_TLV: This Group's Processing Level
    2. H_TIN: This Group's Iteration Number
    3. H_RGP: Reference Group's Designator
    4. H_RLV: Reference Group's Processing Level
    5. H_RIN: Reference Group's Iteration Number
    6. H_ACT: Action Flag
    7. H_SPA: Spare
  1. POLNO: Policy Number
  2. ZZMOV:
  3. COCD: Company Code
  4. LOBCD: Line of Business Code ex:AUTOP -Private passenger automobile
  5. LOBSC: Line of Business Subcode
  6. ZZMOV
  7. ZZMOV
  8. PRDSC: Producer Sub-Code
  9. OPIDT: Original Policy Inception Date ex:20100201(2010-02-01)
  10. RTERM: Renewal Term
  11. FPREM: Current Term Amount
  12. CPREM: Net Change Amount
  13. OTINS: Other Insurance with Company Code
  14. SGNBY: Signed By Code
  15. STERM: Short Term Premium Method Code
  16. BLMCD: Billing Method Code
  17. PAYOR: Payor Code
  18. NWIND: New Account Indicator
  19. LNGCD: Language Code
  20. COPRD: Company Product Code
  21. NMPRM: Nominal Term Amount
  22. WRPRM: Written Amount
  23. ZZMOV:
  24. MAILI:
  25. ZZMOV:
  26. ZZMOV:
  27. BANCO:
  28. POVER:
  29. GPID:
  30. PRDOC:
  31. BLMCD:
  32. PAYOR:
  33. CUSVC:
  34. STNBR:
  35. SGFTC:
  36. DTFMS:
  37. EFFDT: Policy Effective Date ex: 20100201 (2010-02-01)
  38. EXPDT: Policy Expiration Date ex:20110201(2011-02-01)
  39. RATDT:
  40. RSKNW:
  41. SERVC:




Sample AL3



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