2TRG Transaction Header Group

The Transaction Header Group is a Control Group (as described in ACORD Standard No. 900). It is always the first element group of any transaction.

The Transaction Header Group contains data elements which permit the receiver of the transaction to route the transaction to the proper internal system(s), to understand the nature of the transaction to the degree necessary to process it through those systems and to respond in an appropriate manner to the sender of the transaction.

Data Elements

  1. VERNO: Transaction Structure Standard Version Number
  2. SFTLV: Application Software Revision Level
  3. TRIMG: Transaction Image
  4. ATMLV: Automation Level example 3 -Machinable
  5. TRCAT: Transaction Category example: P - Policy
  6. RTGCD: Policy Type Routing Code example: P - Personal Lines
  7. LOBRC: Line of Business Routing Code example: AUTO - Automobile
  8. TRFNC: Transaction Function example: FMG - Master File Image
  9. PCYCL: Processing Cycle Status example: I - Initial
  10. IMODE: Initial Transaction Mode example: R -Request
  11. SPLRO: Special Response Option example: 3 -Acknowledgement.
  12. ERPOP: Error Processing Option example: B -Retransmit, image not required
  13. FTADD: Formal Transaction Address (Sender)
  14. ITADD: Informal Transaction Address (Sender)
  15. FTADD: Formal Transaction Address (Recipient)
  16. ITADD: Informal Transaction Address (Recipient)
  17. SPHDL: Special Handling
  18. ORGRF: Origination Reference Information
  19. TRSEQ: Transaction Sequence Number example: 5199
  20. ZZMOV:
  21. TRSEQ: Processing Cycle Number example: 5199
  22. TRSEQ: Reference Transaction Sequence Number
  23. ZZMOV:
  24. RESAL: Response Automation Level example: 1 -Automation Level 1 (printable only)
  25. CBPUR: Cycle/Business Purpose example: NBS -New Business
  26. TSYNC: Synchronization Field
  27. SPLVL: Segment Level Code
  28. SPCNT: Segmented Transaction Counter
  29. SPTOT: Segmented Transaction Total Pieces
  30. QDATE: Quote Date
  31. ZZDEL:
  32. TRDTE: Transaction Date example: 20100111(2010-01-11)
  33. EFFDT: Transaction Effective Date example: 20100201 (2010-02-01)


<PolicyNotify> <!--10 IMODE:   ex: R - Request
		        05 TRCAT:  ex: P- Policy -->
  <!--02 SFTLV: Application Software Revision Level-->
  <!--03 TRIMG: Transaction Image-->
  <!--04 ATMLV: Automation Level ex:3 -Machinable-->
  <!--07 LOBRC: (ex: AUTO -Automobile) 06 RTGCD: (ex: P -Personal Lines -->	
  <!--08 TRFNC: Transaction Function ex: FMG - Master File Image-->
  <!--09 PCYCL: Processing Cycle Status ex:I -Initial-->
  <!--11 SPLRO: Special Response Option ex:33 -Acknowledgement.-->
  <!--12 ERPOP: Error Processing Option ex:B - Retransmit, image not required-->
  <!--13 FTADD: Formal Transaction Address (Sender)-->
  <!--14 ITADD: Informal Transaction Address (Sender)-->
  <!--15 FTADD: Formal Transaction Address (Recipient)-->
  <!--16 ITADD: Informal Transaction Address (Recipient)-->
  <!--17 SPHDL: Special Handling-->
  <!--18 ORGRF: Origination Reference Information-->
  <!--22 TRSEQ: Reference Transaction Sequence Number-->
  <!--24 RESAL: Response Automation Level ex:1 -Automation Level 1 (printable only)-->
  <!--26 TSYNC: Synchronization Field-->
  <!--27 SPLVL: Segment Level Code-->
  <!--28 SPCNT: Segmented Transaction Counter-->
  <!--29 SPTOT: Segmented Transaction Total Pieces-->
  <!--30 QDATE: Quote Date-->
  <BusinessPurposeTypeCd>NBS</BusinessPurposeTypeCd><!--25 CBPUR: ex:NBS -New Business-->
  <ActivityDt>2010-01-11</ActivityDt><!--32 TRDTE: ex: 20100111-->
  <TransactionEffectiveDt>2010-02-01</TransactionEffectiveDt><!--33 EFFDT: ex: 20100201 -->
  <BroadLOBCd>P</BroadLOBCd><!-- 06 RTGCD: (ex: P -Personal Lines-->
  <ACORDStandardVersionCd>200</ACORDStandardVersionCd><!--01 VERNO: ex:90-->
  <MsgSeqNumber>5199</MsgSeqNumber><!--21 TRSEQ: -->
  <TransactionSeqNumber>5199</TransactionSeqNumber><!--19 TRSEQ: -->


Sample AL3

2TRG212 4 90         3P PAUTO FMGIR3B                                                                                                         51991001115199    1002011NBS                         A2010011120100201



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