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PolicyNotify question mark replacement.

Topics: ACORD XML 2.x, AL3 to XML, Messages
Nov 16, 2016 at 3:42 PM
In AL3,
  • if ??? are sent then existing data for that element is to be left intact in the receiving system, not changed by the download.
  • If spaces are sent then the existing data should be removed from the element, in effect blanking out the data.
  • The 2GCG record details entire AL3 groups that are not being sent for the policy and as a result should not affect the receiving systems data for the policy if those groups are found.
In the PolicyNotify message in XML we have options,
  • Do nothing as the notify is a snapshot of the policy and the management system should give the agents the options of what to overwrite or not.
  • Carrier sends
    • @EMP, when they do not have data indicating to the Agent System, keep local data. Example, such as Commercial Driver Name.
    • @DEL, when data has been removed explicitly, and should be deleted from the Agent System. Example, remove Lienholder?
    • @ADD, when data has been added, and should be added or replaced in the Agent System. Example, Customer does an email update.
<Vehicle ActionCd=”Del” />
            <Manufacturer ActionCd=”Mod” PriorValue=”Chev”>Chevrolet</Manufacturer>