Available and Industry Code Lists

Topics: ACORD XML 2.x
Apr 15, 2016 at 4:15 PM
Next up is a proposal for anything that uses a Carrier or Industry supplied Code List, e.g.:
  • SICCd (Class Code)
  • NAICSCd(New Class Code)
  • GeneralLiabilityCd` (GL Class Code)
  • ClassCd (Exposure Class Code)
The following will also be populated by the Carrier and selected by Agent:
  • Producer.ProducerInfo.ContractNumber (Producer Number)
  • Policy.GroupCompanyCd (Underwriting Company)
I'm thinking we extend the existing (repeating) <CodeList> structure at the root of every message. It is related to elements using the @CodeListRef attribute and can house available codes using an approach similar to the deprecated 'SPX' stuff:
<RelationshipCd CodeListRef='DriverRelatesTo'>Bro</RelationshipCd>
    <Description>A code list that identifies the relationship of the driver to the applicant or insured.</Description>
My only concern is how this would look in a situation where the code has not be selected and the carrier is offering up suggestions….

Maybe ACORD should always define a code list name (rather than using generic OpenEnum/IndustryCode) – then carriers can easily supply their own Code Lists (both in Schema and XML).